Our Process

Our Process

Our Process to Build Perfect Outdoor Spaces

I’ve always hear what’s the difference between You and the other guy.   I often use the saying, “trust the process” so over the years of trying all sorts of methods to the madness of constructing ones true dream outdoor living space has become a recipe that we @ Neptune pride ourselves on perfecting this fail proof process.  Due to the ever-changing market and always improving products being used in todays outdoor finishes is why.

Neptune’s team is constantly staying well educated on the next best products and using the latest technology along with the ever improving ways  for correctly apply and maintaining high end products providing ease to the operation and low maintenance solutions for such high end spaces, staying one step ahead of the competition when using technology in an outdoor living environment.  A level of luxury is second to none. Although styles tend to repeat themselves over generations  to ever changing styles assuring our customers that they are purchasing the latest and greatest the market has to offer in technology while in parallel designing a one of it’s kind outdoor space with the best products the market has to offer, this begins with listening to the customer and having a large pallet of knowledge across the outdoor living market providing a large amount of options for products that will go well with surrounding materials that are already on your property. Having a large pallet on various materials we can seamlessly design great solution for your outdoor desires.

Our Process
Our Process
Our Process
Our Process
Our Process
Our Process
Our Process

About Us

Our approach emphasizes a focus on client and process. We aim to guide our customers from inception to completion, providing expert support along the way to bring their vision to fruition. We take a tailored approach to each project, immersing ourselves in its distinct characteristics. Our specialty lies in crafting high-end structures, custom pools, landscape design, outdoor kitchens, and living spaces that seamlessly integrate with their natural surroundings.

With our expertise spanning over 15 + years in custom outdoor building and landscape design, we identified a need for a fresh perspective, a better approach. We acknowledge that a pool is simply a hole in the ground filled with water, a commodity present in many Northern Virginia homes. Instead, we celebrate creativity, oversee the design process, and leverage the natural elements of the earth to craft something life-affirming – a personalized haven. Our mission is not to construct just a pool or patio but to design an immersive outdoor experience that exemplifies outdoor living at its finest.

It’s not just a backyard. It’s an expertly curated outdoor experience. We design and build luxury hardscapes with integrated natural elements like plants, stone, glass, wood, and fire. Each experience is unique and immersive. Our mission is the pursuit of growth, leadership, innovation, and the inspiration to cultivate outdoor living spaces that exude beauty. Our promise is to immerse and transform ordinary spaces into meticulously crafted outdoor living areas and breathtaking environments that are both functional and visually stunning.


We have close to 16 years’ experience in site development design  using today’s Cutting-edge 3D AutoCAD  software.   Being efficient both in design and in the construction industry for luxury outdoor living.  Collectively we will bring your wants and musts haves for your outdoor project from a concept to reality!

Taking advantage of these tools help insure that we are proposing an accurate and competitive price in parallel with helping customers see the vision along with making mild changes to selections and adjusting minor tweaks accurately and know how to use these tool correctly when generating construction budgets over as competitive proposals we are confidently know that our proposal  along with assuring you that our price is not only competitive,   it is extremely accurate when passing the project over plans over for assembly team of specialized craftsman.

You’ll see the difference with the Rivas Brothers. The three brothers really take an extra step and collectively work together constructing serval various high-end projects with more than 10 years working together with various composite and natural woods,  familiar installing all types of natural stone and porcelain products,  operating all forms of machinery for manipulating dirt shaping out our unique outdoor spaces.  With the majority of our development of your property is done “in house” with our experienced teammates.  We will confidently stay with you until the project is complete.   The level of detail and pride in our work is why we work on some of the highest end real estate that Northern Virginia has to offer,    Custom Gunite Swimming pools and Spas our in our blood line and crafting up high end surroundings is our hobby we collectively create.  With our combined experience of 50 + years collectively.   Our portfolio speaks for itself.   Ranging from moderate ,simple and clean swimming pools to some the most challenging yards with sought after infinity edge pools and spas,   the collaboration of our team leaves you with nothing short of an award-winning outdoor space when you entertain the possibilities of seeing the vision “Outdoors by Neptune” can create for your home!   Our office staff has been in the family line since our doors have opened so assuring you great communication and collaboration between the design, purchasing, and coordination of bringing the vision to life.   Is an effortless process and our team enjoys doing one project after the next.  We look forward to helping you bring your inspiration to reality if not now.  When?

“Concept to completion”.    This happens when our experienced designers collaborate with our experienced project managers who allocate our various craftsman to collaborate on the most efficient ways to develop our 3D concepts to reality in parallel with hitting projected timelines so that experience with our staff is a pleasant experience.    Things don’t always go per plan and acts of God often create havoc on jobsites which is why there is always a team member close by to assure these matters are addressed.    With close to 16 years in the construction design , building, renovation department taking construction plans and bringing in the proper craftsman to assure the concept becomes a reality in relatively consistent timeline having done this together there isn’t a project that we haven’t been able to deliver.  As our consultant can  obtain all the objectives for your dream outdoor spaces in the development of your property.  Our production team will follow thru and leave your opinion nothing short of a talented building team delivering the only outcome ……….  Perfection.

“Getting started” 

Our portion of this process starts with meeting with your family to determine the best forms of communication as today’s ever-changing technology,  communication is the first part on how we can start to deliver the services you desire from our firm.   Once we establish how its best to communicate and share inspiration possibilities , the fun can begin!


The fun part of this process begins where we suggest helping us with the design process, that you  a little feedback can help us best apply details and finishes the different parts of design.   Looking in inspirational accounts such as  “Pinterest” or create a “Houzz.com” account where we can take a look into your vision, taste, and style so that when we start the design for your outdoor space.   We use these tools to read your sense of style and when creating one’s outdoor living spaces.  We have discovered that learning your style is the quickest way to creating an environment for entertainment that will separate our vision from the others.

Getting the proper feedback from you during this discovery process,  we can guarantee that we can generate an efficient and luxurious layout for any or all of the outdoor features you show interest in creating.  Having over a decade in the design build industry,  We are here to make this a fun and efficient way to create your custom spaces for whatever your family’s needs are and to establish long lasting relationships by showing you the possibilities of what you can create for your family if you’re willing to let us show you the possibilities on what we can create with an imagination  for creating outdoor spaces.   We pride each and every project no matter the size as we have a passion for creating design solutions for challenging spaces and or a wide request for many various custom outdoor spaces to be incorporated into a complete master plan.

How to get Started

We will want to establish if this is a one phase build or a two-phase build which often comes down to budget so during our first few forms of communication.  We are trying to accomplish what design services you have interest in so that the development and allocation for all these services are accounted for and proper preparation for our initial meeting is productive and informative for both parties.

 How to determine whether this is a ”one phase” or “two phase” build process ?

This is just a matter of going thru all the questions our experienced designer will review with you on your initial meeting.    We want to design you a complete outdoor living experience nothing short of a resort experience but for luxury living year around maximizing all our 4 seasons that the metropolitan area has to offer.   So Determining which direction in this fun process to start you at will come down to determining if this will be created in one swoop of construction or if we will break out the project into phases which often times becomes hard for you to let us move on as we complete each portion of the project,  it is often that you become ready to start the next phase.

During the beginning phases of starting the entertaining of building an outdoor space we try and accomplish if this is a “one phase build” or a “two phase build”  when we discover at what part of this process your families at,  we will guide you on where to start your family on the “process to perfection” formula.    This is as simple as said.  Designing a backyard in a way that is affordable to start the first part of the build,  provide a complete portion of the project to enjoy for some years as you plan to work towards the second phase.   We take into consideration MEP requirements for the big picture.   “Mechanical , Electrical , Plumbing “ to outfit the yard so that the second phase Is  to look complete for the phase I of the design and build.     We come across too many projects these days That past contractors only put in “MEP” for just the swimming pool which if these aren’t sized appropriately for the second phase.  So, upsizing your gas lines and having to run additional power due to the lines were not sized appropriately means we are having to spend a lot of your next budget on poor planning from prior contractors who didn’t consider your second phase all because this conversation was never discussed.   This is your family’s home, and we tend to give you the best options that will serve you best even if that means being patient with you to do this process once and do it right.

Ready to build an outdoor space? Have the desire for many different amenities, but need help with the vision,  get that swimming pool the kids want,  create an outdoor craft workshop,  or maybe an outdoor BBQ area for dinner parties ,  create that dry space for outdoor evenings watching the game in the rain “ yet dry”    or putting together that detached garage for the kids cars and a nanny suite for the ever growing family?  Ready to do it all now?       This is best described as an onion that we will peal back one layer at a time to go into detail on each layer for each part of this process.   The top layers are each of the ilmenites or spaces that you’re interested in building.  As we peal the layers back for each portion and under each category .  the layers of finishes for that particular portion, the level of detail in design and function.  As we peal back each layer for each portion of the design.   We will get into the structural, architectural, side of the design, there is the function of the layout,  the sun path for your yard, drainage from the house and drainage from the surrounding yards. Theres function on access,  pre-construction and finished product access.   There are so many layers both on production an on each portion of all these different amenities we have to offer that the only true backbone in providing experience in this part of the design is provided in our portfolio and referral from happy customers who are currently enjoying  the hard work and detail we pride ourselves on each project we take on.   When it’s time to draft up your dream home outdoor spaces/  we know all the right questions to ask and best methods of exchanging ideas so when creating  our concepts.  they will speak for themself.  During our first interactions with each other.  We are taking mental and physical notes on all these categories assuring you that we pride our work as much as you desire to create these environments being well crafted and fully functional for your family’s lifestyles.       We pride ourselves on providing solutions for all these elements when going thru our design process so depending on what portion of your process, we are assuring you the outcome is your dream backyard,  Having experience in picking up where one contractor left off comes second nature to our estimators who can scan your property and quickly identify what its going to take to continue developing your property.   Often times its best to start from scratch but with our experienced estimators,  we can often times save you time and money being able to evaluate work that is already there and work with existing conditions to help you get that outdoor environment that a previous homeowner didn’t quiet finish.    It is our mission to develop our house into a place you can call home.

A Creation by Outdoors by Neptune is often tailored based on the design portion of this interviewing process where once we obtain your inspiration,  we develop a vision which then bring together multiple teams of craftsman who are the best of what they do to ensure perfection for the different categories of amenities we offer which all circle back around our first initial interview of creating you a dream space.   So, when we ask of you to do some homework for us.   Our goal is to pass your test when we propose an outdoor living space.   We have experience in creating all types of outdoor spaces that not only solve your wish list amenities,  the style of design, the materials you love,  the colors that please your style.  Thru trail and error,  we have learned the appropriate formula to creating your dream home special spaces.   Once we developed the pallet on what areas to develop for your home.   We review with you general budgets to discover the proper materials, sizing for each area and weather this makes sense to be a “one phase build” or a “two phase build”    We never miss when it comes to nailing down your wish list of outdoor amenities and now the route to accomplishing this  is buy following our guidance on the a-z method on making this dream come to reality.

“One phase build”  just means that you have created a desire to design and develop your property in one continuous build until complete.   This covers all the hardscape amenities so that tearing up the yard again is not in the picture.   We will create a design that includes all the features you’re interested in bringing to reality and just need the proper guidance and experience that Neptune has decades of experience delivering.    We will develop proper construction budgets for each of the amenities along with selection choices along the way so that these outdoor spaces are tailored to your taste in style and design.  A one phase build construction budget structures funds so that we can continue building as you see production being completed along the way.    Having experience in developing properties for almost 15 years now,  knowing how to structure cashflow is just as important as creating the oasis.   We create timelines so manage your expectations and put your expectations into consideration for how the funds need to be released.   Often times the pace at which cashflow is released really puts a delay on the timeline so if strict deadlines and timing is of value,  multiple portions of the project funds need to be released in parallel in order to illuminate down time on lead times for products .   these things are brought into play when generating a timeline and cashflow breakdown to assure our team hits both budgetary benchmarks along with hitting your expectations for the build process.   The one phase build puts together all the solutions for your project so that we complete the project and assure you that nothing gets missed along the way.     Sometimes your stomach isn’t as large as your eyes,  (kind of like my appetite on thanksgiving filling my plate yet can never finish it all) !  which is a common problem when developing your dream backyard or outdoor space.

Our solution is to turn this into a “two phase build”   this is when you want to develop at the same time and need guidance from experienced professionals to develop a concept but don’t have all the funds to do so at one time so we work with you to design a project that you can get everything you want but need to bite off portions of the design in a few phases in order to get the end result all by designing the areas in such a way that we can finish them off and to continue building them  when the timing is right.   We at Neptune are up to date with all the proper design requirements both in utilities and structural so when using these skills when designing your outdoor space, we make it possible for you to entertain a “one phase build” or a “2 phase build” once reviewing the big picture for the design and development of your homes space.    with such methods will allow you to create a timeless design that functions well for the space you have while planning for the future when it’s time to start your second phase of the build.   We will create a tailored timeline for your custom home build, or we will work directly with homeowners if this is a property that is already developed and now it’s time to make your outdoor spaces a place to escape to and develop your own personal private retreat!    This process all starts and ends with a good designer who listens to your wants along with the purpose for the space.   So, as you are in the interviewing process for installing an outdoor space,  we at Neptune are listening we challenging you to dream because we know all the right questions to ask for each category.  When you have experience in delivering an award-winning designs,  the process simply becomes second nature for delivering award winning spaces.