Testimonials – Kind Words from Our Clients

Kinga Niecko-Samuel

We hired Neptune to build a large pool, deck and structure that includes a bathroom, shower and multiple kitchens. While the project was very large and we had multiple bids, Neptune won the work because of Danny’s strong design skills, architectural knowledge and Jose’s reputation for delivering quality work. As with any large project there were some challenges, but Jose and Danny have addressed any and all of our concerns. We feel like they truly care about ensuring the utmost quality of their work and are always responsive regarding any issues that come up maintaining this large project.

Outdoor Design by Neptune
Outdoor Design by Neptune

Andrew N

We hired Jose and his crew at Neptune VA Pool Service in 2020 to completely renovate our pool and pool deck after a long search for a reputable contractor. Jose was extremely knowledgeable and offered us some creative design options at a fair price. His team demolished an existing concrete surround and installed a 2000+ square foot travertine pool deck on a bed of concrete, re-plumbed the entire pool, installed all new pool equipment, replaced skimmers, installed new pool tile and coping, re-plastered the pool, and touched up the landscaping in the backyard. Jose and his crew were professional, friendly, and respectful throughout and we could not be happier with the result, We highly recommend Jose and his team from Neptune VA Pool Service.

Outdoor Design by Neptune
Outdoor Design by Neptune

Dave Park

Jose and Neptune Pool Service built us a beautiful pool and have been very responsive and easy to work with throughout the entire process. Their team was great about keeping us in the loop about any schedule delays due to weather or other factors and were very responsive to any questions or concerns that we brought up during and after the construction. I look forward to working with them on regular maintenance in the future and can’t wait to open the pool again in the spring.

Outdoor Design by Neptune

Ken Coon

I waited a very long time to build a pool because of all the horror stories I have heard from neighbors and friends about the process. We eventually selected a contractor to do a large project that included a pool in our backyard. The contractor used Neptune VA Pool Service for the design and construction of the pool for the project. I had a lot of questions during design and all my interactions with Neptune VA Pool Service were very positive. I had a list of items I wanted included in the pool design including several water features, heating, an automatic pool cover, pool automation, and a tanning ledge. Neptune VA Pool Service integrated these elements into the design of the pool and provided feedback and insight into the best way to achieve the requested features. They also kept me informed during the process of construction and were able to answer any questions or concerns. Many of the concerns I had during the construction were already considered by Neptune and turned out to be unfounded.

Neptune really shined when the pool was completed. The quality of the installation was great, and we were really happy with all of our selections. Given the complexity of the project we were thrilled that everything worked well. I was very happy with the specific products they selected such as the pool automation system that can be controlled via an app on the phone and the automatic pool cover. There was a lot to take in when we started using the pool and Neptune Pool Service took the time to go through all the features of the control system, heater, and pool cover. We did have one issue with the completed design – one of the waterfalls was too high off the surface of the water and it did not look great when it was running. Neptune had raised this during the design, but the message didn’t get to us through the contractor that was coordinating the entire project. Nonetheless Neptune worked with us to replace the water feature with an alternative that was better suited the location and height. They have also been responsive to service requests we have had in the time since the pool has been installed. We have had the pool for just a year and I can say that I have come to appreciate the execution of our initial design and also the continued support that Neptune has provided.

After the whole backyard project was completed, we were unhappy with the patios that were put in around our pool. The contractor that was used for that part of the project (not Neptune) had used sand under the pavers and after living with that for a summer we wanted to move to concrete to eliminate the sand. We were so happy with Neptune we used them for this project as well. As with the pool, they did a fantastic job with replacing the patios. They were very careful and reused the pavers that were initially installed, saving a great deal in cost of materials. They did this project in very early spring and were able to complete the whole thing before it was time to open our pool for the summer. Not only have we eliminated the sand, but it looks so much better. They did a fantastic job with the patios including sealing them and installing umbrella stands in the patios. We now have a backyard pool and patio we are very happy with. In retrospect, I wish we would have used Neptune Pools for the whole project we had started, including the patios. I would certainly recommend Neptune Pools if you are considering a pool and patio.

Hala Janabi

We were so lucky to end up hiring this company for our pool construction. They were very understanding even with our multiple demands and changes and the company’s boss checks on the quality of the work every couple of days. They were some delays because of the manufacture affected by the pandemic which they explained prior to starting the job. The staff is always so professional and I can’t be more happy with the whole process. Thank you for your amazing work and helping us bring one of our dreams to come true.

Dustin Martin

We chose Neptune for a large pool & patio project at the start of the pandemic. it was well planned and executed and the quality of work has been fantastic. They’ve been a great help along the way and were great to work with, accommodating our random whims and changes throughout the build with ease.


Neptune Pools is wonderful to work! It’s a family owned and operated company with honest and hardworking employees. They serviced by pool for a year before my wife and I decided to redo the entire thing. Jose has a background in construction and knows how to build quality products. When looking for a company to build my pool, Neptune stood out for many reasons but industry knowledge and trust helped them stand apart from the rest! Can’t thank them enough!

Ali Altahir

Very professional and prompt , easy to work with, they accommodated all our ideas and changes to come up with a beautiful pool and a great price. They were always on time and finished the pool in the suggested time frame. We highly recommend Jose and his crew at Neptune VA pool service.

Aaron Utley

These guys are just fantastic. I opened my pool in at the beginning of May only to find out my pump was failing and had to be replaced. Just like everything else in home improvement in 2021, nobody had pumps in stock and there was a long wait to get one on-hand and installed.

Dan helped me troubleshoot the problem, get the thing lubricated to extend its life a bit, and helped me find the pump I needed online. Then they came by right away and installed it quickly and for a reasonable price.

Was very cool of them to help me out me the way they did. If not for them i might have lost half the pool season waiting on a part. They’ve definitely earned my future business!